We ensure that your inventory is secure and ready for your next event by using our Exhibit Storage Facility, located in Union City, CA.  Why deal with the hassles of shipping and storing your trade show displays when LD Exhibit Storage Solutions has the perfect facility for the job?

Our services include:

  • Event inventory shipping 
  • Reconfiguring and repacking your booth
  • Proper labeling
  • Tracking your shipments
  • Inspecting your properties upon return
  • An easy to use website for ordering, tracking, and managing your booth property and show items

We have helped tech companies, non-profit alliances, defense contractors, automobile manufacturers, telecommunication providers, private clients, and others stand out from their competitors with industry-targeted trade show conference meetings and special event services. We work globally have done events across United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America, Asia, Israel, Africa and India.

Understanding your organization and your needs is the key to providing you with a partnership and the tools to help achieve your goals. 

Let us help you manage all the logistics for your special event!

1000-person or 100-person conference you need high-touch and customer-focused conference planning services. 



Corporate meeting or a private strategy session leave ALL of the details to us.

We can help your booth stand out from your competitors with industry-targeted trade show services. 

special events


Trade shows

Our site selection service is fast, dependable, and best of all at NO COST to you!

  • Cost…Free - Our services are complimentary to you; we are paid a placement fee by hotels chosen and your rates are not inflated by this fee.
  • Commitment…Free - There are no contracts or agreements for you to sign. Our assistance is in good faith and you can discontinue at any point.​

Site selection services

OUR CONSULTANTS have a wide range of experience.

Our professional consultants includes seasoned event planners, legal minds, trade show experts, golf and fishing tournament event pros and special event experts.


​​The sponsorship and exhibitor experience is an important part of your meeting/event and requires planning of many assets to produce the best experience for all of your sponsors. 

  • We will assess the assets of your meeting or event and make recommendations regarding pricing and packaging.
  • We will manage exhibitor sales, design sponsorship opportunities within the program and work with exhibitors and sponsors to produce special packages to meet their needs.
  • We will develop and sustain relationships with key decision makers and influencers to secure revenue.