If you are among the very (appreciative) at heart

It is almost the end of the year and things are wrapping up. Q4 turns into Q1 before you know it every year, however affairs are in order before ‘2022’ dated calendars make their way to desks everywhere. The holiday season occurs mostly during December, which provides the humanitarian-esque opportunity to spread appreciation, an ideal way to both gratify oneself and share warm and fuzzy sentiments with others.

We can all notice appreciation when we see it. Most of us can also spot when it’s ingenuine as well. So how do you tell someone (Client, Employee, Prospect etc.) that you appreciate their value in an impactful way?

The first thing probably thought to show appreciation is a gift. A ‘token’ of appreciation, they’ve sometimes called it. While a conventional route, it has its caveats. Budget, for one, is a humongous hurdle and affects every company differently. We all wish we could opt for the ‘money is no object’ option, however at the end of the year and budget, there can be difficulty fulfilling the higher price point gifts. And what are those gifts? Headphones?

Everybody has a pair of headphones. Tech gifts can be a hit or miss item, as most people who work behind computers tend to already have the gamut of electronic accessories. Unless of course we’re talking Apple, Bose or the you-name-it brand you love to splurge on. Anyone would appreciate a high-end, max price point stocking stuffer, however there are more practical options out there.

Some of the most impactful gifts, the ones that truly create pause, are the ones that show the most understanding of who is both sending and receiving the sentiment. A handwritten letter with a DoorDash gift certificate (the modern day equivalent of ‘Hey, let me take you out to lunch’ from across the country) speaks volumes. A sentiment that is often overlooked when trying to make a connection. There’s just something in seeing ink on cardboard stock that shows both personality and effort invested. It’s the kind of gesture that receives actual feedback more than a customary ‘Thank You’ email, resonating appreciation.

The surprise factor is huge, too big to overlook. The element of catching someone off guard creates an element of shock, which invites all the appreciation needed. It almost welcomes the idea of sending these reminders during an off-season occasion.

We’ve all received (and perhaps even sent) leftover warehouse swag that had a little dust on them in order to share a token of appreciation. It probably worked out on some level. Somebody got something and we all made it to January just fine.

We all cross the finish line at the end of the year. Sometimes we get what we want, sometimes we don’t, and sometimes we get the warm and fuzzy feeling from an unexpected place. If you have the opportunity and bandwidth, be the person to provide the fuzzy and go from the heart.