Post 90 Days

Everyone strives for success. It’s a familiar expression that we all hope to achieve our goals. Some people try harder than others, some try smarter, but regardless of track record, it’s the direction we all like to lean toward. The only major difference between people is the definition we have for it.

There are many forms of success. As long as there is some positivity to be had, it can be chalked up as a win. The sentiment is that there is a certain amount of gratitude in winning. It really boils down to endorphins. It feels good to win and we want to replicate that feeling as often as we can.

There is a specific type of success that lies at the heart of LDM and the reason for sharing this. The success we love most is the success of others. Not only do we rely on it financially, but it is the cornerstone of our ethos and the driving force behind the work that we do.

It’s something that we are reminded of with every project, client and campaign. The phrase ‘we’re not happy unless you’re happy’ comes to mind here. Yes, we have our experience to rely on, but it’s our ideology that is at work. It dictates our strategy and motivates our budget. 

There is always going to be low-hanging fruit for client success. It’s how to get the ball rolling, sure. And while it’s always a good idea to get those endorphins pumping early, true success is created from sustainability, which takes hard work.  

Maybe we’re a little masochistic at LDM, and maybe we like to take the hard way. But we believe it’s what makes the best results for our clients. When we draw up a new contract, we’re under the assumption that you are looking for success with substance. Tools and programs that are going to be a part of your company for years, creating a proper foundation for continued success. It takes a little faith, big smiles, and an emphatic attitude. We wouldn’t have it any other way.