Where is your Warehouse?

The Field Events industry requires a logistics agenda that can seem limitless. Weeks, sometimes months of planning are involved in hosting a virtual wine tasting, an in-person Trade Show as a sponsor, or something in between. In the early stages, establishing an initial strategy and an approved budget always requires more bandwidth than preferred. 

By the time the financial quarter is established and events are well on their way, there is still so much more that needs to be accomplished. After all the planning and prep, the physical logistics begin: plane trips, hotel RSVPs, and ultimately the polished representation of your brand. Options range from swag giveaways to banner stands, raffle prizes and so on. 

Every company requires properly branded representation. But where does your inventory come from? Where does it go after an event? How can you confidently manage your resources with minimal attention and save money on storage? These are necessary components to Field Events, yet often overlooked.   

So what is the solution? While it is possible to house, manage and ship the branding of your own image, there is success to be found in outsourcing the responsibilities and space. 

LDM has always been a part of Field Event logistics: planning, strategy, execution and follow-up. In the back of our minds, there was always something missing. Since 2016, LDESS was born out of the need to provide the type of support often unrecognized. Since then, we have learned crucial details our Clients have come to appreciate.  

The largest perk is convenience. By having a contracted company like LDESS within your organization, there are less details to keep track of. Everything that needs to be shipped is housed by us, shipped directly to where it needs to go and sent back to our inventory when no longer needed. Quantity is logged, recorded and reported when requested. 

LDESS handles everything with the type of personal attention a small business can only provide. With any changing need, Client Support is prompt and cordial. We are even capable of making suggestions, as we have seen trends change over the years.    

So instead of having your Sales team drive a trunk full of pens and banners to your next event, consider a company who is willing to have it waiting for them. Maybe it’s time to think of the end of planning as the easiest part instead of another hurdle. 


More information about LDESS Operations is available here.