2021, we're ready when you are

We’re only two weeks into the new year and I have been quickly reminded that things are not magically changing overnight. The hope is that this coming year will provide a little normalcy, however, some patience will be needed, amongst other things.

While these sentiments apply to our lives in general, they also apply to LDM. What are we (all) going to do? There is no magic pill, there isn’t a fad solution to success.

Before making a list of all the negatives, I’ve searched (and found) the positive. What I’m most proud of at my company is our ability to pivot.  Not only are we continuing to help our clients with virtual events, we have also expanded our knowledge base to straight up marketing services outside the event arena.  But that's for another post.

Back to events…

As live events have been either cancelled or postponed, LDM pivoted toward a virtual approach. We retained the same comprehensive marketing aspects, but with a shiny (albeit awkward and unprecedented) fully virtual experience. We have made it out of 2020 with experience in areas previously unknown.

The new year is here and talks of hybrid events are on the horizon, a compromise of seeing consumers face to face as well having them log in to attend a trade show, promotion or presentation. Utilizing perspective from the user, consumer and their respective industry, we have a vision on how to help in the new year. The key, as it has always been, lies in yielding a consistent Return of Investment (ROI).

ROI, which lends itself to profit, sustainability and overall success, is generated from more than just an event itself. It involves a strategic marketing campaign prior to an event, and the necessary analytics concluding. The worry of needing a physical location to cultivate sales is logical, but no guaranteed success will come without a comprehensive approach. So, as we all look forward to the day we all start scheduling and attending conventions and trade shows, LDM will be there to impart our expertise. We’ll see you at Quartz, Forrester, CES, AWS, E3, Evanta, Gartner, Dreamforce and others, pivoting as needed to make the upcoming year as successful as we all imagine it.

Let’s start the planning today!