Going Live, in 5, 4, 3, 2…


Well, it’s finally happening. The first metropolitan city in the country has taken a dramatic improvement toward reopening. As of January 31st, Chicago has entered Phase IV, where even more restrictions are being lifted in an attempt to find normalcy. 

The familiar amenities have increased capacities. Bars and restaurants are allowing larger indoor seating. Health and fitness centers have 40% capacity with no more than 50 people per space. All things we have seen before. The newest addition to the phase? Events. Things to do. 

Feel free to Google it, however you may wind up feeling a little jealous. While you may not have interest to go see The Office! A Musical Parody, it’s playing all week at the Broadway Playhouse on E Chestnut Street. Dragonforce will be at the House of Blues next month. 

While Chicago is only 2 weeks into Phase IV (Gradually Resume), plans are forming quickly. Chicago, and other major cities that follow suit, will be under scrutiny to see what happens. Another regression to Phase III or perhaps even an improvement to the final phase (Protect)? The demand for re-opening remains incredibly high, and everyone is maintaining optimism. 

What does this mean to LDM? Are we getting on the next plane for O’Hare or Midway Airport? It feels like it, if only out of excitement to get back to doing what this company was founded on. Tradeshows and events. If there is an opportunity, we will be there. Ear to the ground, as larger events become scheduled again, this boutique agency will be doing what a small business does: working fast to plan and execute communication and logistics. So you can focus on your own product. 

Will there still be restrictions? Will companies put travel bans on their employees, prohibiting working in these progressive Phase IV cities? What will be the first big tradeshow of 2021? We are just as curious as you are. However, we remain excited, even if we’re only 2,000 miles away.