5 Reasons to Hire a Consultant

A consultant is defined as a person who provides expert advice professionally, but it’s more than just the Google-provided explanation. Consultants are advisors, specialists and self-starters. At LDM, being a consultant is our bread and butter. Depending on your company needs and interests, it could be yours, too. Here’s a few reasons why consultants can be an integral element of your success:

  1. Flexibility

Consultants are hired via contract, which offers unparalleled flexibility. The amount of labor, say within an amount between 10-40 hours a week, can be established via contract. Contracts can also be established via hourly or by retainer. Contracts can be made quarterly, or for the full year, based on strength of the relationship and the work necessary. Sometimes contracts are even based on individual projects. With a varying bandwidth, more linear expectations are outlined from the very start.

  1. Zero Benefit Obligation/Red Tape

Contracted consultants aren’t hired the same way traditional employees are. Full-time employees are necessary assets to any company, however with contractors, there is a shorter lead time toward executing a task, with no HR assistance needed. Onboarding budget is simplified and cost efficient.  

  1. Short term projects lead to the growth of new ideas

With a streamlined process of getting work started, consultants provide a progressive thought process on what is the next phase for your company. With a hands-off approach with tasks, employers have more bandwidth to consider the future. 

  1. A Catalytic effect

Remaining dynamic from project to project, working through a contract with consultants promotes an overall change within an organization. Amidst projects being completed, departments can be built, teams can be trained and work instructions can be created. Consultants work diligently for an owner’s vision to come together, free of many traditional bottle-necking dilemmas. 

  1. Company culture goes unaffected  

While a strong relationship is important between consultants and the companies, an assimilation of company cultures is not mandatory. Consultants are goal orientated and form relationships through the work, not the ethos of the company. Consultants are outside contributors, first and foremost. 


Hopefully this sheds some light. Consultants can be the glue to your company, and provide relief on urgent or unfamiliar objectives. The next time you are in need of some bandwidth, think of hiring someone specialized to make life a little easier.