Online Renovations

Revamping a company is a difficult concept to wrap one’s head around. It’s just as difficult to execute. We all get comfortable at some point, so when we are set in our ways, everything in your sheltered decision-making bearings tells you to STAY IN YOUR LANE and work with what you already have. It’s why companies don’t change their logo. Consumers share familiarity with product branding (see: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it), but unless you’re Coca-Cola or Disney, there’s a chance your company could stand some change. 

There’s always little tweaks you can make. Little things that can have a high reward, despite little risk. Low hanging fruit. Last year, LD Event Management created a dba to LDM, short for Logistics Driven Management. We changed our focus because we had to adapt to the times. There were so much more than just Events that we were managing, and we wanted to advertise ourselves as such. 

A fresh coat of paint looks great and all, but as this company began to look within, we realized that real refurbishing was needed. We had to do something about our website, the cornerstone of most any company. The latest major overhaul was back in 2013. Though we didn’t want to admit it (or notice), our website was obsolete. We were comfortable in the worst way.

We weren’t a new company, but did have new direction. We had our concept, but were in need of revised content and imagery. We live in a time where imagery is more important than ever. Consumers, clients and colleagues need only a few moments to see something prior to forming an opinion. Intrigue starts with imagery, and a real effort was mandatory to make the right impression. 

Since creating the site, we had to ask ourselves who we are as Marketers and Consultants. A small company stretches itself to conform to what needs to be done, but updating the website forced us to hash out how we want to be seen and how it correlates with what we actually enjoy doing.

The website exists as a living document now, akin to the shared sheets and slides LDM already relies on. It changes at will, is seen by the entire company and pivots towards what we want to be and what we like to be.

It’s been pretty nice so far.